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Snow Accumulations Increasing as New Jersey Braces for a Significant Storm

Details & Impacts

Green Zone (No Accumulation)

  • Rain will be the primary precipitation for this event. As the Low Pressure system exits further off the coast, cooler air will filter in behind and change over that rain to snow, however no accumulation will be expected. Total rain expected to range between .50" - 1.00"

Light Blue Zone (Coasting - 2")

  • Rain will be the primary precipitation until around 6am - 8am, where the rain will start changing over to snow. There will be at least another 6 hours of the storm remaining and with the heaviest axis of snow just North of this region, I don't expect much accumulation. Accumulation will primarily be on cooler surfaces, such as grass, sidewalks, and vehicles.

Dark Blue Zone (2" - 4") High Uncertainty Area

  • Rain will begin in the region to start and around 5am - 7am, the rain will turn into heavy snow. This is where a lot of uncertainty comes into play with how fast the dynamic cooling takes places and where the frontogensis sets-up to create a band of heavy wet snow fall that will overpower the marginal surface temps. I believe the heaviest axis of snow will setup just North of this area, however real-time analysis will determine final outcome of placement.

Purple Zone (4" - 8") High Uncertainty Area

  • Rain will begin during the onset but shortly after midnight, the change over to snow will commence. This area will be a key interest on where the heaviest axis of snow will setup. Short range models due have intense snowfall rates over this region, where it will overcome the warm surface temperatures and accumulation will be able to settle faster. If the heaviest banding does setup over this area, I expect totals to be on the higher end of 8+.

Pink Zone (8" - 12")

  • During the onset, rain will fall briefly before changing over to all wet heavy snow. Since the majority of the event will be all snow for this region, highest accumulations are expected. This area is also going to see banding of intense snow fall that will help the increased snowfall amounts.

Current National Weather Service Forecast

National Weather Service Snow Map

National Weather Service Storm Timing

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