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January 15th - 16th First Call Snow Map

Residents of New Jersey should be prepared for a minor snow event, which, despite its modest scale, could significantly impact the Tuesday morning commute due to its overnight timing.

Event Details and Schedule:

  • Onset of Snowfall: The snow is expected to commence from the south, gradually spreading northward. Initial flurries are anticipated around 6 PM on Monday, with statewide coverage by 10 PM.

  • Peak Precipitation: The most intense snowfall is forecasted between 10 PM Monday and 6 AM Tuesday, coinciding with the early hours of the morning commute.

  • Conclusion of Snowfall: A gradual tapering off of snow is expected around sunrise on Tuesday, although sporadic snow showers may persist into the afternoon.

Accumulation Estimates:

  • General Forecast: The majority of the state is likely to experience accumulations ranging from 1 to 3 inches.

  • Central New Jersey: Areas in Central New Jersey might see slightly higher accumulations, potentially up to 4 inches. This is attributed to recent models indicating a more moisture-rich system than previously anticipated.

  • Snow Quality: Due to the current cold temperatures, snowfall ratios are expected to exceed the typical 10:1, approaching approximately 13-14:1. This increased ratio, often referred to as the "fluff factor," will contribute to higher snow totals.

Coastal Regions:

  • Mixed Precipitation: Areas closer to the coast may encounter mixed precipitation, including sleet and rain, as the low-pressure system moves offshore. This mix is likely to result in lower snow accumulations in these regions.

Residents are advised to plan accordingly for potential travel disruptions during the morning commute on Tuesday. Stay tuned for further updates as the situation develops.

First Call Snow Map

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