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January 7th Preliminary Snow Map

Updated: Jan 2

The afternoon model suite is in and most of the operational models shifted a tad North on the heavier axis of snow and not as strong low pressure system, which could help create more cold air.

We are still just over 4 days away from the actual system and there will be some wavering of low placement and the dreaded rain/snow line. I won't bore you with the details of all the what-ifs and why's but I will continue to update on regular basis on what I expect this system will bring.

January 7th Preliminary Snow Map

The map below is a very broad/generalized map on my current thought process on how this storm will unfold. I will make adjustments as I see fit over the next 48hrs. If you can't see the map below, click here to view the map

12z Model Suites Snowfall Projections (Operational)

Just for display purposes, this what the 3 major models are projecting from the afternoon model runs. Each one took the wintry precipitation further Northwest than previous runs, however there is time to slide back a little Southeast but this is shaping up to be a snow hit for North of I-95 at the current time.

12z GFS Total Snow

12z Canadian Total Snow

12z Euro Total Snow

What's Next?

We'll continue to see how the evolution of the atmosphere plays out over the next 24hrs, with the blocking to our North, strength of our low pressure system, speed of our system, and the amount of cold air in place. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for continued regular updates.

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