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Powerful Weekend Nor'Easter

This weekend, we in New Jersey need to buckle down for more than the usual end-of-week slowdown. Starting Sunday afternoon, a robust Nor'Easter will march in, bringing a deluge that’s poised to drench our neighborhoods. We’re looking at rain totals that could range from 1 to 3 inches across the state, with a large expanse likely to see a solid 2 inches. This isn’t just a splash—it’s a soak, and it’s got the potential to cause some serious flooding issues.

Rising Waters: The Flood Watch Advisory

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly has issued a Flood Watch effective from 6 pm Sunday through to 6 pm Monday, which covers mostly the entire state of New Jersey. Low-lying areas, small creeks, and those notorious spots that just can't handle a lot of water quickly could become troublesome.

The Gusts That Gust: Wind Advisory

As if the rain wasn't enough to contend with, the winds will be kicking up a fuss too. Inland, we can expect sustained blows of 20-30 mph, while the coast gets the brunt of it with 30-40 mph. And hold onto your hats—those gusts are going to whip up to around 40-50 mph inland. Along the coast? Even more intense, with gusts clocking in at 50-60 mph.

What This Means for Us

The time is now to get ready for potential power outages. With winds like these, it's likely we'll see downed trees and branches, which could lead to power lines coming down too. Secure your outdoor furniture, make sure your emergency kit is stocked, and if you've got a generator, ensure it’s ready to go. Also, secure any outdoor decorations that you may have up for the holiday season, they maybe down the street if not secured properly.

Looking Ahead: Post-Storm Conditions

The storm should be moving on by late Monday morning or afternoon, but it’ll leave a calling card: windy, gusty conditions sticking around through Monday. We’ll start to see a return to calmer skies by Monday night.

Final Thoughts: Stay Safe and Stay Prepared

As we face down this Nor'Easter, remember to keep an eye on updates and stay prepared. We’re no strangers to rough weather here in New Jersey, and as always, we'll get through this together. Stay safe, everyone.

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