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Snow Storm Set to Sweep Across the Region

Storm Impact Details

Timing: Snow fall will begin to enter our region from the Southwest and continue to fill in through the Northeast, starting around 5-6am Friday, January 19th morning. The heaviest snow fall will be over the region between 9am - 3pm. This is where the Norlun Trough or Inverted Trough will come into play. Where this eventually sets up, will see the heaviest snow during this event and highest totals. Snow will begin to tapper off from West to East around 6pm and be completely out of the region by 11pm Friday - Midnight Saturday morning.

Impacts: This storm will becoming in before the mass rush hour Friday morning, which could lead to longer morning commutes and hazardous conditions. The major concern would be the rush hour coming back home during the evening, where accumulating snow will be on the roadways. Depending on your location and where this inverted trough sets-up, you maybe traveling in 6"+ of snow. Plan accordingly if you need to be on the roads in the evening. Further in Northern sections of New Jersey, your impacts will be less due to the convective banding that will be centered over the Southern half of the state, drawing all the moisture away. Along the immediate coast near Cape May and Atlantic City, you will have an early onset of rain/mix that will change over to snow, however it will reduce your snow accumulations just a bit.

Norlun (Inverted Trough): This is the big talk with this system, however determining where this trough actually sets-up is the difficult spot. We usually don't know where it will be until we are actually in the event and 'now-casting'. My best guess it will be "Middle" of the state across parts of Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Atlantic counties. However, this will very localized as in you measure 3" at your location and 2 miles down the road, they recorded 6"+. Forecasting that type of window is nearly impossible so don't be upset if you are in the "trough zone" but you get the low end of the totals.

Final Call Map

If you have trouble seeing the map, please click here to view


I will be doing live updates on Facebook and X(Formerly Twitter) during the entire storm. If you haven't already, be sure to give me a follow on both!

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